I am Bennu, founder of GOD BLESS THE COW, a mother to 4 suns that have blessed my life and a photographer in love with life. I am based in Istanbul, LA and Bali. With my work I have been able to travel the world and discover the unlimited beauty and resources our planet has to offer us. I have also witnessed so much pain through poverty, injustice, not only to humans but also to our animals who deserve to live on this planet as much as we do. In fact we need them more than they need us. Around 8 years ago I had an epiphany. During a dinner a sumptuous platter of medium-rare cooked meat was displayed in front of me. For a long time I just stared at it and it stared back at me. I felt it was alive and his soul was suffering. That was the day I decided to stop eating animal products and would no longer take part in the mass consumption of overly produced livestock dictated by our consumer society. With time I transitioned into a complete plant based diet and no longer buy anything that contains animal, including clothing. My passion for veganism inspired me to create a new type of wear, animal-cruelty free; Vegan Silk Pyjama-Wear. This mutual feeling brought on followers and so what started out as a solo adventure quickly turned into a family affair. GOD BLESS THE COW contributes in protecting our Mother Earth, our children and all living beings for a better future.


As a brand we value sustainable fashion and eco-friendliness. Our unisex and luxury PYJAMA-WEAR, "wear it everywhere" is made of PETA approved vegan silk, causing no harm to silkworms or any other animals. We aim for transparency with our customers and actively support social awareness. We believe in supporting local production and social development and our collection is manufacture by prisoners ensuring fair labor conditions. We not only use fabrics that are biodegradable and manufactured in the state of the art closed loop facilities but also our packaging is biodegradable and recycled so that our products enrich the ecology we live in offering you a more conscious experience through our brand.


We are a brand that is animal friendly, worker friendly, eco- friendly and support the use of innovative materials our ecosystems have to offer, all within a circular economy. We are committed to protecting and preserving the biodiversity of this planet. Here at GOD BLESS THE COW we aspire to be actively part of the positive change the fashion industry is over going. Our mission is about delivering elegance, style and quality to our customers while supporting a sustainable and cruelty free world. We believe in fair and sustainable luxury wear that radiates the impact of respect for our environment, the workers and animals.


Vegan silk is made of 100% Cupro fiber which is derived from discarded cotton seeds and all animal proteins are removed from our fabrics during the production process. Our silk is PETA approved and has an EU Vegan Certification. Soft, silky and easy to care for, this vegan fabric has benefits for your well-being. The silk we use maintains body temperature and controls the moisture in the skin. Our sustainable fabric is for all walks of life, requiring less soap and water for care, so we invite you to experience on all your journey’s in this magical life, our oversized wear it everywhere pyjamas. Together we contribute to reduce the negative impact on people, animals and our planet. Come and be a part of our tribe!